Solgar 7 – natural help for joint pain?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been looking at the natural remedies available for those wanting help with joint pain and stiffness. I am continuing with that theme this week, with a look at a product which was launched only a year ago, but which we have had some fantastic feedback on. That product is simply called – 7
7 is a combination of seven different natural ingredients, all of which have been reported to np e helpful in joint health. They include turmeric and ginger, which are often used as natural anti inflammatories, other natural anti inflammatory and pain relieving nutrients, plus vitamin C and collagen. Vitamin C and Collagen have been used to try and help support joint maintenance and repair damage to cartilage. This means that this product could help both in relieving pain and inflammation as well as helping with joint repair and maintenance.
7 also claims that some people say that they have noticed benefits from using it in as little as seven days!
To be honest, when it was launched, with all these claims, I was highly sceptical – it sounded too good to be true. But over the last year, I have been convinced that for those who are looking for something different to help with their joint pain and stiffness, 7 could well be worth a try. This is because some of the reports we have had back from customers who have used it have been amazing.
One lady in particular sticks out in my mind. She was so done we had been seeing for a number of months, she had used things like glucosamine and the celadrin I wrote about last week and although she had seen some benefits, she was still struggling with a problem in her shoulder. The damage and inflammation in her shoulder meant that it was extremely painful for her to love her arm – she had very little movement and had not been able to wash her own hair for months as she could not lift her arm up that far. She decided that she wanted to try the 7 when it was launched, to see if it would give her any of the benefits they were advertising. When she came back in three weeks after taking the 7, it was to buy a second pot and give us a delighted demonstration of how much better her pain was. She showed us that she was now able to lift her arm and told us that she had actually washed her own hair the previous evening! These kind of reports – including a lady who came in and danced around the shop because her back pain was so much better – are what has given me quite a bit of faith in 7. Therefore I would say that anyone who is struggling with joint pain and stiffness, if you have not had any help from the other more well known products available – it could well be worth giving 7 a go!



Celadrin – natural help for joints

I said I would be writing a series of articles on natural joint care products, which I started last week by going through the actions and options with glucosamine and MSM. This week I am going to continue with the theme, by starting to look at some of the best natural anti inflammatories available.
Many people come in looking for natural ways to ease their joint pain and inflammation, often because they cannot take many of the normal anti inflammatory drugs due to stomach problems. We have a couple of products that we reach for in this case. One of them is a product called Celadrin
Celadrin has been around for a few years now and has sold consistently well for us in that time, with many people coming back again and again to buy it and tell us how good they have found it. Just after celadrin was first launched, a lady came in to the shop having read about it in a newspaper and said that she wanted to try it for her dog! He was an elderly dog,who was struggling with arthritis and she was hoping it would help give him a bit better quality of life, so he could better enjoy his walks around Heysham Head. We told her that as it was a new product at the time, we didn’t know how well it would actually work, but she was willing to give it a go and bought a bottle. Two weeks after this a gentleman came in and asked if he could buy some celadrin. We asked him where he had heard about it and he told us that he regularly saw that dog out on Heysham head and had seen improvement in its movement over the last few weeks! As a result he had asked the lady owner what she had been giving the dog and she had told him all about celadrin!
Sales of celadrin have continued to build up through word of mouth since then, with many people swearing by it, or coming to get it because their friend has told them to try it. Celadrin is a combination of esterified oils, which have been reported to have a natural anti inflammatory and joint lubricating action, so we often suggest that people with crunching knees or hips try it. We tend to find that if it is going to help, it will do so in the first bottle, so it is not something you have to take for months before you would see any possible benefits. The suggested starting dose is 525mg taken three times a day, then cutting down to two a day for maintenance. The one thing I would say is important though, if you want to try Celadrin, is to make sure that you are getting the oil filled capsules. There are dry forms of celadrin available, in fact we did used to sell them, but the reported results were nowhere near as good, so we now stick to the oil based product.