Can You Get A Bikini Body In 2 Weeks?

Running our own weight loss program has taught us a lot about fat. There are a myriad of issues that affect weight gain and loss (click here for our free questionnaire to see what your issues might be). The internet is full of quick fixes but are any of them real, safe or effective?

Is there any situation in which someone can actually achieve a bikini body in as little as 2 weeks?
Technically, yes.
Many remedies promising a super swift result are sold alongside a ‘colon cleanse’. This sounds very detoxifying, though the action is much more purgative than that. A colon cleanse is basically a laxative. Putting a laxative alongside a ‘weight loss’ product guarantees immediate weight loss, though I’m sorry to say it ladies, you don’t burn the fat off: you poo it out!

This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are constipated then regaining proper bowel function will have numerous health benefits, including…..a flatter tummy! I have personally seen a lady lose 8Ib in one week leading up to her holiday, just by improving the health of her bowel and encouraging it to release what it had been holding. If you think you may be constipated have a look at this article before reaching for the laxatives. Laxatives are a short term fix and using them long term can cause problems.

So, if you are constipated the bikini body may be in reach (or at least a flatter belly), but is there hope for those whose bowels are regular? Yes! Solid waste is not the only thing that bloats the belly, gas can do it too. Can the problem be resolved? Yes! Can it be done in 2 weeks? Yes! Unless the problem is extreme, 2 weeks is usually the amount of time it takes to see results.

But how do you know if your middle weight is fat or if it’s all just hot air?

Gas bellies tend to fluctuate. They are flat in the morning and grow bigger throughout the day. Eating usually triggers it, the main culprits being bread and carbs, causing the button on your jeans to strain and leaving you feel bloated afterwards. It has the look of a ‘pregnant belly’ being round, frontal and stretched. It should also feel hard when pressed.

If this sounds like you, then you can celebrate the fact that dropping a dress size may be much easier than you thought. The gas is generally caused by too many unfriendly bacteria living in your gut that ferment after eating causing the swollen belly look. Remedies like Citricidal are powerful antimicrobials that kill the unfriendly bacteria. If the problem is really bad look to Yeast Cleanse which is a combination of ingredients specifically formulated for problems such as this. The important thing to remember is that killing off the bacteria is not enough. It’s a little bit like weeding your garden: if you don’t plant something else the weeds will only grow back. Replace them with friendly bacteria which will take up space along the gut wall and make it much harder for the bad ones to return. This step is really important because without it, the unfriendly bacteria can return in as little as a week or two. If you really want to blast your system, putting in a prebiotic feeds these friendly bacteria and acts like a fertilizer, letting them multiply much quicker. Some of our favourite choices are Probio Daily to replace good bacteria and Molkosan Vitality to feed them. At this point it is worth mentioning that unfriendly bacteria feed on sugar, including the sugars in fruit, fruit juices, wines and beers. Cutting these things out for a couple of weeks helps ensure that you get the swiftest results.

If you would like to try everything, take a look at our Beat Bloating Package which includes dietary guidelines to follow over the course of the two weeks.

If you don’t think that you are constipated and your tummy isn’t bloated then unfortunately the quick fixes on the market are unlikely to make a huge difference to your physique. But don’t despair! Weight loss can be easier than you think. Try this to see if we can help you.