A Good Nights Sleep

imageA Good Nights Sleep

Its all in the mind:

Believe it or not one of the main differences between those who get a good nights sleep and those who do not is their belief in their ability to sleep. Basically people who can get a good nights sleep, believe that they WILL go to sleep when they go to bed. Those who struggle, often go to bed worried they will NOT get a good nights sleep, or convinced that tonight, as many others they are going to struggle. This negative belief often becomes self fulfilling, so one key thing to do is to change your mind set.

Natural Remedies can help:

There are also a couple of natural remedies that can be helpful including a herbal medicine called Dormeasan. Made with calming herbs valerian and hops Dormeasan will help you to relax more, making getting to sleep and staying asleep easier. I often suggest that this is used with an amino acid called Theanine which is said to help improve the production of your alpha brainwaves, calming down an overactive mind. This combination has proven to be very popular with our customers over the years, it is also something that I have used personally during times of stress, when I have found it difficult to get to sleep. It tends to work quite quickly, with most people reporting an improvement in their sleep patterns and their ability to sleep within a week.

Additionally we would suggest the following:

1. Make sure that you do not drink anything with caffeine in it, such as tea, coffee or cola, after 3pm. Even if you don’t really feel the effects of caffeine, it can seriously impact on your ability to get a good nights sleep.

2. Try not to do any work or anything that excites or stresses your brain too late into the night. Have a cut off point and stick to it. After this point only engage in activities which are relaxing and calming.

3. Bedtime routines are not just for children! Engaging in the same routine before bed each evening can really help your brain to understand that now is the time for rest and sleep.

4. Don’t stare at bright lights and lit screens when trying to switch off. If you are going to look at your phone or tablet ensure that the lights are turned down as far as possible and that you are only looking at or reading things that relax and calm you.

5. Try to go to bed when you are tired! This is when your system is ready to sleep, pushing on past this will lead you back to wakefulness and it will be around an hour before you are sleepy again.

6. Try to avoid sugary snacks and drinks late at night as they can lead to a sugar crash in the night, which will wake you up! Instead try things like camomile teas, milk and peanut butter on toast as the proteins in these will actually help

Hopefully all this will help to ensure a good nights sleep!