Weight Loss Clinic

THE Alternative Weight Loss Clinic

Our weight loss plan works in stages, to help you deal with the reasons WHY you struggle to lose weight.
One on one weekly meetings help us to identify your issues and PERSONALISE your regime to help you lose weight effectively.

What we do
During your first month with us we will work with you as an individual, offering a weekly consultation in which we will discuss your diet, any difficulties and your health. We will develop a program with you designed to rebalance your body, boost weight loss and boost your metabolism.

What we don’t do
Our diets are NOT about counting calories. Your body is a complex machine, weight loss is much more complex than the simple idea of calories in calories out. our plan will make small adjustments to your diet, step by step, to create lifestyle changes that work for you.
We will never give you unrealistic goals – our diets are designed to induce gradual weight loss, that stays off.

What the costs are
For each month you are with us, the cost is £20

What’s included
Private weight loss consultations each week PLUS
Diet Sheets, help sheets, recipes AND any supportive weight loss supplements.

Not local? No problem – it’s online too!

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