Online Weight Loss Program

We will be offering weight loss clinic, diet analysis and nutrition advice online. This is similar to the weight loss scheme that we run in our store. For more information on how this works see our
weight loss clinic

The idea at the heart of our weight loss program is that if losing weight was as simple as calories in verses calories out – no-one should struggle to lose weight.  Unfortuately, many people develop metabolic issues, such as poor blood sugar control or an underactive thyroid or a sluggish liver – and all of these things can make it harder for you to lose weight.  We try therefore, through our program, questioannaires and supplement regimes to identify and correct each persons weight loss issues.  Our regimes and programs are all personalised, based on answers you give to the questionairres and the results and feedback you provide whilst following different diets.

The idea is then, that long term we change and boost your metebaolism, improve fat burning and lose weight, which then says lost! – No more yo yo diets.

The charge for our weight loss plan is £20 per month. This £20 includes diets, recipes, helpsheets, support PLUS any supplements we want to use to support your regime – making it great value for money! You only pay each month and you are not expected to pay for morre than one month at at time.

If you would like to join our online weight loss clinic –

This is a free download – so you have nothing to lose at this point!
When you have filled these forms in – email tham back to us at We will review the information you have provided – from this we will know which regime to put you onto first.
We will then send you a link to download your first diet – it is at this point that your subscription of £20 will become payable. This will include your diets, recipes, online support and supportive suplements which we will send you.

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