Detox and Cleansing

Many people talk about detox and cleansing but what should it actually mean. If we ignore all the celebrity endorsements and wild claims. If we also ignore fad and extreme diets – does detox and cleansing still have a role to play?
The simple answer is yes. It helps to support the proper functioning of your body and your metabolism. It helps to clear toxins like alcohol, medications, tea and coffee and environmental toxins from your body. It should help to clear out a sluggish bowel.
It should make your feel better, help you lose weight and give you better skin.
It should be simple to follow with sensible dietary instructions and supportive supplements.
It should take around 5-10 days to do it properly, but that shouldn’t be a problem, because the diet will be sensible and easy to follow and the supplements supportive and strengthening rather than string and purging.
It should not involve extreme dieting or fasting – in fact your body needs good healthy food in order to detox properly, so a sensible diet is necessary to achieve the right result.
It should not involve anything which is purging – this is unnecessary and very unpleasant. The supplements should facilitate a bowel cleanse without any urgent toilet visits.
It should not claim to give you results in 48 hours or less, because this is genuinely not possible. Your body needs at least 5 days to cleanse and detox properly.
We have a number of articles on Detox and cleansing and a number of supportive supplements. Have a look and you will see that there are a number of different ways to detox and cleanse you body, largely depending on what you want to achieve…

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