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February is heart health month –


..so over the next few weeks we are going to be having a look at the ways in which natural medicine may help you achieve a healthy heart. Starting with high blood pressure.


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Most people are aware that salt is linked to high blood pressure, so obviously you should try not to add it to your cooking or at the table. Also be aware that certain foods like bacon, ham, cheese and tuna in brine, will have a very high salt level, so try to limit their consumption too.

On top of this we would suggest that you want to limit your intake of caffeine, as this can raise the blood pressure. You may also want to make sure you are drinking enough water. Becoming dehydrated is another common cause of higher blood pressure.



There are two supplements that are often used by people who are trying to reduce their blood pressure naturally. Both are actually made using concentrated amounts of really common foods!


BEETROOT: Beetroot is these days, often the first choice for people with high blood pressure. This is thanks to reports in the newspapers that people who were drinking a big glass of beetroot juice every day found that their blood pressure decreased dramatically within a few days!

The problem with this though is that beetroot juice is not to everyone’s taste. Plus if you do start drinking a full glass every day your wee tends to turn red – which can be disturbing! This is why Beetroot Capsules¬†were brought out – to give people the benefit of beetroot, without having to take the juice everyday. We have had some great feedback on it, with one gentleman informing us that after using beetroot for two weeks his blood pressure was the best it had been for years!

GARLIC: The other favourite natural remedy for high blood pressure is Garlic! Again you do need a strong dose though and many people do not like the potential that they will smell of this most pungent food.
It is for this reason that we often suggest those looking for a good strong garlic supplement try Quest Kyolic 600. This is a concentrated aged garlic. The ageing process actually gets rid of a lot of the smell, so no worries about bad breath! Plus each tablet has 600mg of garlic – a great amount. There has been a lot of research done on Quest Kyolic, but I always tend to prefer customer feedback and I have to say, that is consistently good. So many people return to buy another pot each month, that I know it must be helping them – after all no one carries on buying something that isn’t helping, do they?

If you have high blood pressure and want some help:

We are running a blood pressure challenge – challenge us to help you reduce your blood pressure in two weeks! Is it possible? We want to find out!


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