Infection gone – but Nasty Mucus remaining?

Need to clear Mucus?
In today’s blog we are going to be having a look at ways to help people shift stubborn mucus problems. We see so many people who have taken antibiotics for their chest infection or sinus problems, but are still left with a lot of congestion or catarrh. So what can natural medicine do to help…
When my mum had a rotten cold, with really bunged up sinuses, causing her headaches, I suggested that she try something called Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase 30 & 90 tablets

(Serrapeptase  Рmaybe helpful for mucus congestion.)

Now Serrapeptase is something we have sold for a number of years, but it is not something that many people have actually heard of. Serrapeptase is actually an enzyme, which was originally made by silk worms! When scientists were studying these amazing creatures, they found that the enzymes they produce to help them get out of their cocoon had properties which may be useful to humans. So they found a way to synthesise this enzyme and discovered that amount its potential benefits, it could help to break down inflammatory tissue and mucus.

Silkworms made Serrapeptase – which may breakdown mucus

This meant that it could be useful for a number of common complaints including sinusitis, catarrh, deep seated coughs and even asthmatic issues. In the years since this discovery we have used Serrapeptase a lot for people with long term or deep seated mucus problems and have had some great reports back.


One gentleman in particular stands out for me, he had been suffering with catarrh and sinus problems for a number of years and nothing had really seemed to help. We suggested that he try the Serrapeptase really as a last resort to see if it had any effect. He came back after only two weeks absolutely delighted and convinced that the Serrapeptase had actually started to relive his condition. He was breathing more easily and wasn’t struggling with daily headaches as a result of his congestion.

Serrapeptase helped my mum with her sinus congestion

This is why when my mum was suffering in the same way with her cold, I suggested that she try some Serrapeptase – and because she was suffering she actually did as she was told! I am happy to report that she believed the Serrapeptase helped her catarrh and sinus. She has often struggled in the past to shake sinus problems after a nasty cold and one time was still struggling several weeks after her cold had cleared up. This time however, she was back on her feet – with a clear nose – after 7 days, which was brilliant.


For those who have been left with congestion on the chest, rather than in the sinuses, it could be worth trying an additional product called Vogels Brochoforce, alongside the serrapeptase.

Great for chesty coughs & mucus.
Great for chesty coughs & mucus.

This is because the Bronchoforce is designed to help ease a cough and lift the catarrh off the chest.
It does this using a number of herbs combined together. These herbs include Ivy, which has anti spasmodic effects – helping to ease a cough – making it productive, but stopping it from going on and on. It also contains Licorice and thyme, which have soothing and mucus eliminating effects. I have to say that Bronchoforce is one of my favourite cough remedies – I have used it myself with great effect a number of times. It is also suitable for diabetics, as it has no sugar in it, also for this reason it keeps really well – so if you don’t use the whole bottle, it will be ready to help you should another cough strike you down!

To celebrate the winter season we have discounted our chesty cough package and our bunged up sinus package to beat even more lingering mucous this year.

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