Natural Help for Hayfever


Natural Help for Hayfever

The weather has been so beautiful recently, we even had a lovely Easter weekend! So this week I am going to take a risk and write about natural help for Hayfever. I am very sorry if this jinxes the weather and it rains for the rest of April and May!
There are many people who do suffer with Hayfever – a sensitivity or allergic reaction to grasses and pollens, which leads to problems like itchy, irritated eyes, runny nose a sneezing. One of the most common solutions for this is to take an anti histamine. However, some of the stronger anti histamines can make you feel quite drowsy. The other problem is that it is recommended that you don’t have alcohol with them, which for many people means that summer dreams of beer gardens and chilled wine are ruined. Which is why we look for natural help for Hayfever.
Natural remedies can offer a real alternative. They are completely safe and non drowsy. Many of them can be used in children. Plus, they do not react with alcohol – win, win!

Sneezing & Runny Noses

My remedy of choice at this time of year tends to be Vogel Pollinosan. This is a tablet which you can chew or swallow and it works by desensitising your system to the grasses and pollens. This in turn can drastically reduce symptoms. I take this home for my husband at this time every year. I actually tend to find his constant sneezing throughout May and June really quite irritating – which I know is awful, but it really did used to be non stop and he does sneeze quite violently! I started him on the Pollinosan around 5 years now and it has been consistently great for him – and me – by significantly reducing the amount of sneezing and getting rid of the sore red eyes altogether when he’s taking it. It also tends to work for him quite quickly as well, relieving symptoms within the first half an hour of taking the pills. This is helpful because with the seasons being so unpredictable, it means he only needs to use them on days when the pollen is high.
As well as the Pollinosan tablets, Vogel also make a nasal spray which is great for those looking for quick relief for a bunged up nose due to Hayfever – we have had some great feedback on this, with one lady saying that she used to struggle hugely with her sinuses every summer before starting on the Pollinosan Nasal Spray

Sore, itchy eyes

For those struggling with simply red sore eyes, then look for eye drops made with the herb eyebright. Eyebright has a natural anti inflammatory effect on the eye and again can offer quick relief. There are two options here, Potters Allerclear eye drops, which are individual servings or Vogels Eye Drops for sore eyes. We used the Vogel ones last year when my daughters eyes became sore in the summer and it worked really well.
I hope all of this means that whatever the issues you have with Hayfever, we have a safe natural remedy which will offer you relief – with no restrictions or drowsiness! Hopefully you will all be able to find your own natural help for Hayfever.

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