Solaray Cholesterol Maintenance

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Many people these days are looking for a natural way to reduce their cholesterol levels. Everyone is aware that high levels of cholesterol are associated with heart disease, so anything that may help to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol is a good thing.

Cholesterol maintenance from Solaray is one of our best selling products. A great combination formula with Red Yeast Rice.  Great for anyone lookig for a natural way to support healthy cholesterol levels.

The dosage for this product is one tablet twice a day to start with. We would usually suggest that you take this dose for the first three months. After this it would probably be a good idea to go and get your cholesterol levels checked again. This is to make sure that your are getting the benefit you are looking for from this product.

*please do not use this product if you are already on Statins for your cholesterol.

For more information See our blog on Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol


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