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Worried About Hair Loss – Try Pil Food

Pil Food provides nutrition for your hair and is reccomended by many Doctors around the world to help those struggling with hair loss.

Pil Food Contains:

* Amino Acids – Vital for the synthesis of Keratin in hair and nails – keratin forms 90% of hair.

* Millet Extract – Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids containing key trace elements for healthy hair growth

* Vitamins – essential for the biosynthesis of keratin and for the metabolism in skin and hair roots.

All hair problems origionate at the roots.  for strong healthy hair, the roots need to be fed with the correct combination of nutrients as this is where the life cycle of the hair begins.  Pil Food has been scientifically developed to provide an adequate amount of all the essential substances vital for healthy hair growth.

Dosage: 3 capsules twice a day  Pack size: 100 Capsules.


Active Ingredients:

3 Capsules will provide:

DL Methionine – 600mg

L Cystine – 315mg

Hydrolysed lactalbumin – 75mg

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) 69mg

Millet Extract – 60mg

Vitamin B6 – 30mg

Vitamin E 9mg

Vitamin B2 – 2.4mg

Biotin 600mcg

Additional Ingredients:

Anticaking agent – colloidal silica; Lubricant – magnesium stearate; flavouring – vanillin




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