Natural Insect Repellent

nuzree / Pixabay

Natural Insect Repellent

I am going to look at something that can ruin the enjoyment of a holiday, especially for those people like me with tasty blood – biting beasties.


There are lots of arguments about what causes some people to have tasty blood and many theories about things that might be helpful if you do. One of the most popular home remedies is to eat marmite – now there may be something in this theory! Marmite is a natural source of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B1 – also know as Thiamin – can actually make your blood smell less tasty to the likes of midges and mosquitoes. The good news is that to get this benefit you don’t actually need to eat marmite, which I am sure is a relief to some. Even those that do like it, may not want to eat it every day. The alternative is to take a Vitamin B1 supplement, this will be more concentrated than the marmite and we have been told by many, many people, myself included, that this also seriously reduces the amount of bites you will suffer from.


In addition to the vitamin B1 I would still use a good insect repellant. However, I know that I do not want to spray strong chemicals onto my own skin, let alone that of my daughter. Which is why I was delighted last year, when our herbalist Nicola, made a brilliant Insect Repellent for us and all our customers. It is all natural, safe for all ages and actually with the ingredients used may even be good for the skin! This insect repellant combines Neem, Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle, it does not smell disgusting and I have to say from my experience with it last year it seems to be extremely effective. Neem particularly is an enemy to all insects, the neem tree is apparently one of the only ones that a locust will not eat. Neem has also been shown to help kill head lice and fleas and to repell even the rampant Scottish midge! I used the Insect Repellent last year in France and there were a lot of bugs around. Now as I said I have tasty blood and in my family I am usually the one kept awake nights with itchy bites. This was not my experience last year using the B1 and Nicolas Insect Repellent – in fact, I did not get one bite, whilst my husband, who does not usually get bitten, did not use either and did end up with a number of nasty bites! So if you have tasty blood and are often plagued with bites then this combination of B1 and our very own Insect Repellent could be just the thing you need to feel as comfortable, and yes as smug as I did last year!