Time to Circulate – can you boost circulation?


Have a good look at this picture. This is really clever and interesting stuff! What you can see here are before and after pictures of somebody’s circulation!
This is from a study done using A.Vogels Ginkgo Biloba extract. They had a look at the circulation before (the first picture) taking Ginkgo and then again, in the same place (the second picture) after 30 days using Ginkgo daily.
What you can see is fantastic for two reasons in this writers opinion –
1. The simple fact that they can take these pictures in the first place is so clever and fascinating.
2. You can see for a fact, that the circulation in the second picture is better – there is significantly more blood in the blood vessels pictured than there was previously. This shows that those with poor circulation could really benefit from taking a good quality Ginkgo supplement.*
I have use the phrase ‘good quality ginkgo’ for a reason – there are different quality products available, as there always is. I remember well, years ago a woman came in to our store to complain to my father that the ginkgo she had taken had not helped her. As she did this she held out the offending product. It was not one of ours! We then explained to her why the product she had taken was very different from the one we had suggested she try. Here are the reasons why:
Some herbal products are just dried, powdered up herbs. These may contain a good amount of dried herb and could look good on the label. BUT, they may not have been tested to ensure they contain any active components or even to ensure that they are what they claim to be! When buying a herbal supplement look to see if it has been standardised and whether you have a guaranteed potency. Even better go for fresh herbal tinctures – we all know from our experiences in the kitchen, that fresh herbs are more potent than dried.


* It is very important to note that those who are already on anti coagulants or medications which affect their circulation, should always check with their doctor or practitioner BEFORE starting any herbal medicines like this*


By Jenny Logan

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