Flying Phobia?

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Flying Phobia

I can’t believe how quickly the last year has passed and that I am again writing about the fact that we are heading towards the main holiday season. The first thing I am going to have a look at this week is the flight – or more specifically, the fear of flying or flying phobia, which can affect many people’s enjoyment of flying.

There are a couple of things that could be extremely helpful in this situation.

Simple Anxiety

Firstly, to help with a simple anxiety of flying, my favourite thing to suggest is something called Theanine. We have found over the years that Theanine can just help to take the edge off anxiety and worry for many people. One girl in particular sticks out in my mind. She had suffered with an anxiety around flying for years. It had never stopped her going away, but she did struggle every year. We suggested that she try the Theanine to try and help reduce the sensations of anxiety and the thoughts that rushed through her head. She did so and came back in after her holiday to gleefully report that it had made a huge difference to her as she hadn’t had to spend that last few days of her holiday dreading the flight home! I would therefore say that for those who feel anxious about flying that Theanine could be a great thing to try.

Flying Phobia

There are those however who suffer from a real flying phobia. Just the idea of flying makes them almost have a panic attack and actually getting on the plane can be quite traumatic for them. The good news is that I have been having some great results for this, using a hypnotherapy technique called Rewind and Reframe. Already I have had a few people getting onto flights with no issues and one girl who tells me that I have helped her get on a plane for the first time in years, with her family and go on a fantastic holiday, something she had not been able to do before.

The way it works is this, at some point, your brain has identified a plane as a scary thing, something which threatens you. After that point, every time you put yourself into that position it send messages to you that you are under threat – leading to extreme feelings of anxiety and potentially panic attacks. What hypnotherapy can do is to disrupt this pattern – Rewinding it, this is usually done about a week and a half to two weeks before a flight. Following on from that we create a new pattern for your brain, a nice one – Reframing the pictures associated with flying. This is ideally done a day or so before you fly. This combination has been an extremely successful one for many people trying to deal with phobias and would offer a real solution to a flying phobia, to make a happier holiday. If you want more information on this please email me:
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Heat Rash?

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Horrible Heat Rash

In my final article on holiday health this week I am going to have a look at the issue of prickly heat. Prickly heat can be a real problem for some people, keeping them awake at night, making every day uncomfortable and genuinely taking the shine off a holiday or enjoyment of the sunshine.


Helping Hands for Heat Rash:

We have two main remedies that we suggest to people to try and help prevent or ease prickly heat.  One is Sulphur, a traditional blood cooler. This is the one we suggest if people suffer with the heat, maybe with swollen fingers and a burning or itching red rash from the heat.

The other is called Urtica and this is the one we suggest for those rashes that look like the person concerned has just walked through a patch of nettles – uncomfortable, itchy raised white lumps in the rash.

This is the approach we have been using for years with a pretty good success rate. Here are two stories to illustrate how helpful they have been for people.

Super Sulphur

The first concerns a lady who came in before her holiday. She wanted something to prevent the prickly heat that she suffered with every time she went away. She told us that the rash was extremely hot and red and very uncomfortable. We suggested that she take the sulphur tablets. I have to say she was extremely dubious. In fact just how dubious became apparent when she returned the next day to tell us that she had not believed that the sulphur would work, so to test it she had gone on a sunned that morning – something that would normally trigger her rash. She was delighted to inform us that the rash had not flared up at all, which she said must be due to the sulphur, so she had come to buy another packet as she wanted to be sure she wasn’t going to run out whilst she was away as she was headed to Spain for a month. That lady has been back every year since and still swears by sulphur!

Useful Urtica

Another time we had a lady in during a warm spell here in England. She was really struggling with it, every time she exposed her arms to the sun she broke out in a nasty white bumpy rash which really irritated her. We suggested that she try the Urtica as the rash was perfect for indicating that. She was willing to try anything as she was feeling really miserable so she agreed to give it a go. What was fantastic was that she can back in two days later to inform us delightedly that her rash had completely cleared up and she was able to enjoy the weather again.

So don’t suffer with heat rash – natural remedies may be able to offer you some quick relief.