Help for Vision

 Worried about your Vision?

 Last week I wrote about using Omega 7 for dry eyes and told the story about a lady who had found that her terrible dry eye symptoms had significantly reduced after only a week of using omega 7. This week I am going to carry on focussing on the eyes (excuse the pun) by looking at natural remedies which support healthy vision.Looking at ways to support the vision is something that a lot of people worry about, for obvious reasons – after all we only get one set of eyes don’t we?

There are as always many options available to help support healthy eyes, but the one we have sold for years and that people come back for time and again is Natures Aid Lutein Eye Complex. This little formula has an army of fans with our loyal customers some of whom have literally been buying it for years. The fact that they have continued to come in and buy it so regularly means that we have often taken for granted that it must be helping them. Recently though it was lovely to hear from one gentleman who had been using it for over three years.


He had initially come in to purchase the Lutein Eye Formula after being diagnosed with macular degeneration. He had seen a television program which had reviewed the use of Lutein for the eyes which come to the conclusion that lutein could help to look after the vision and may even help to improve the eyesight. We told him about the Natures Aid Lutein Eye Complex explaining that it provided not just the Lutein he was looking for but also the supportive nutrients like zinc, vitamin A and alpha lipoid acid, all of which had also been shown to be protective of the vision.

He had decided to give it a go and has been buying it ever since. A few weeks ago, remembering how long he had been coming in to replenish his stock we asked him if he was satisfied with the product. He told us that actually he was delighted with it, which was why he had continued to come in for it and would be continuing into the future as well. The reason for his joy was because in the three years he had been using the Natures Aid Lutein Eye Complex his vision had not deteriorated at all! This is amazing as obviously anyone who has been diagnosed with macular degeneration expects their vision to deteriorate. We always hope that using products like Lutein will help to slow that deterioration down, but to knowthat for this gentleman at least it had actually seriously delayed any deterioration at all was wonderful.

Sometimes it is so easy for us to forget about things that we have sold for years, that it is lovely to be reminded why we have them and why they are so popular among our customers.